Frank Kallop

Frank’s Survivor Series is a collection of commissioned paintings of individuals who have chosen this healing, collaborative path. The first painting in this series was commissioned by a breast cancer Survivor who sought to embrace her body and left breast that was ravaged by cancer, by exposing it in a beautiful recreation of Modigliani’s LaBelle Romaine. The next commission was by a woman who aimed to embrace and celebrate her body and sexuality which had been scarred in an emotional way. This Survivor chose a work of Modigliani as well…

If you would like to utilize Art and Frank Kallop’s talents in this way, please do not hesitate to contact him through this site. Frank will paint you in the style of your favorite figure painting, or if you choose, his own realistic style.

Leanne - Survivor Series, oil on canvas, 40" x 26" , 2013
Reclining Muse - Survivor Series, oil on canvas, 26 x 46, 2013
Leanne - Survivor Series, charcoal on paper, 24 x 18, 2013
Reclining Muse - Survivor Series, graphite on paper, 14 x 22, 2013